Monday, April 29, 2013

Graduation Ceremony

I would like to share about our graduation ceremony function on my blog.  Deshpande Fellowship program (DFP) Cohort- 9 graduation ceremony 13/03/2013th and this is memorable day in my life because I was completed Deshpande Fellowship Program. In this function I got “Best IT explorer & Most likely to be IT technician” certificate’s.  I learned many thinks in Deshpande Fellowship Program journey-‘Social Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Technology and Media, Communication and Report writing, Good Planning, Exploring new thinks, Good Social Net working, Personality & Professionalism Development , Creativity , Positive attitude Development , Leadership Development , Team work , Time Management  I was  learned in  fellowship journey.  

 I would like to say about our Deshpande Fellowship Program-this one of the Skill Development oriented Training program. DFP all modules’ is help to my Currier development. According to me DFP fellows totally special category people in the society and working place.
During fellowship perceiving time I was attended 14 National & International NGOs Interview, 8 NGOs short listed my name, but finally I was selected Uday Organization, Nashik-Maharashtra. As an IT and Media manager and SGSY Project Coordinator.     

Special thanks to all DF and Mr.Naveen Jha, Dr.Neelam Maheshwari. Mr.Pramodkumar, Ms.Neeta.  DFP staff and foreign instructors Ms Lindsey, Ms.Misty, Ms.Kristee. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Livelihood Module

Livelihood is a value change sector

Deshpande Fellowship Program was a conducted Livelihood module by Dr.Neelam Maheshwari, Directer.Navodyami Program, Deshpande Foundation. I learned many thinks this session. Livelihood is a set of economic activities, Involving self employment and or wage-employment .Livelihood intervention, values and scope. Neelam was thought about livelihood sector in the India and  ,Pradhan organization. Deshpande Foundation, Navodyami program is  supporting to who is interested on livelihood sector -Like Marketing linkage , Training, Technology, Social Network, Financial support ,Natural resource Utilization, Intervention and more information to society.

Livelihood Parson Thinks
  • Unique skill
  • Unique intervention
  • Unique product
  • Unique Process
  • Leverage
  • Quality
  • Incremental Income
  • Right Place
  • Customer survey
  • Social Entrepreneur mind set
  • Make Different
  •  These are all points I understood clearly.

These are all Photos Livelihood module first session after we three members went field visit, We selected  cricket bat making place I and my friend Shyla, Priyanka as a customer,then we slowly started about Livelihood information,work process, Quality, Why they come to Hubli, Daily turn over, What is different to other product, When they getting more profit, Investment, We asked more question to him and we got more information about bat making Livelihood process and they are staying with three family total 28 members, 12 Children's but children are not getting Education?.this very bad.(Below the photos)

Monday, February 4, 2013


Development Dialogue 2013

30th January-1st February, 2013

6th Development Dialogue is a Bringing Social      Entrepreneurship,Education,NGOs,Government Functionaries and Foundations who are working this field effectively implementation these work, and the conference has a special focus on the bringing the change in the society, and Innovation, Social networking , Tipping point to impact, sharing Ideas  this conference special. This conference helps to our Building Social Net Working Understood a Social Entrepreneurship, Getting Ideas.   


6th Development Dialogue Key Note Address Speakers Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus-Tata Sons, Mr, Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus, Infosys ,Mr, R.A. Mashakar, National Research Professor, Chancellor AcSIR & President, Global Research Alliance, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Ms.Sudha Murthy , Chairperson , Infosys Foundation, Dr.Gururaj 'Desh' Deshpande, Founder- Deshpande Foundation .

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fundraising Event

I happily share about our fundraising event. We did a drawing competition to 5th 6th7th standard school children, and a work shop on Malnutrition children in Davangere city. We successfully did the fundraising event on Dec 29th and 30th2012. This event helps our future- fundraising is a way to collect money to run organization, But to us this a module where we can get direct and practical experience to raise funds. When joining a nonprofit organization it will help us organize an event in the future. From this event I learned planning, time management, approaching different people, mobilizing people, team work, and networking. More than 100 people participated in this event. In this event we faced some problems: getting permission from BEO office, and approaching people and donors.
Strategies- In this event we used some strategies, first we divided responsibilities in our group. We used pamphlets, Facebook and we visited schools and colleges, govt. departments, politicians and donors. We conducted an exciting and engaging fundraising event, where we raised money for a good cause and learned many new skills.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eye Camp Project 12/12/2012

An effort of executing the idea into reality.

 I would like to share about the eye camp project. I did Lead project in Siraguppi village, Hubli, Dharawad district Karnataka. The Deshpande fellowship program is weekly sending us on a lead activity, at that time I found eye problems in Siraguppi village. I got permission from the Lead program with 500 rupees; this lead activity was a two month process because I faced a problem getting permission from the gram Panchayath. The Gram Panchayath president and members are not ready give permission and my co fellows shared with me, leave this project.
           I worked as a leader and did not change goal, and I worked more on this project. I waited two months for permission; finally I did this project on Dec 12/2012. In this eye camp we found 30 people with eye problems with Surgery and 120 people got eye check-up. I sent this news to Kannada newspapers and this was printed in the newspapers.
            I did a successful eye camp project. Through this project I understood the leadership qualities and developments, Time management, developed my communication skill, ideas, network build up skill and stronger confidence. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Garbage Pickers

Garbage pickers lead a critical life,this photo is telling about a picker’s life , I clicked this photo
In the Hubli area, she is collecting garbage .At 6AM  the morning, she is in the field. The world
is developing day by day, but we are also facing the problem of global warming.At the first world conference of waste pickers in 2008, and A 1988 world bank study estimated that waste pickers comprised 1-2 per cent of the world's population a more recent study in India estimated waste pickers in that country numbered 1.5 million people.(Google Source)

Entrepreneur Motivation Theory(EMT) Module

Dec 6th to 7th The Deshpande Fellowship Program Conducted the Entrepreneur Motivation Theory module By Mr.Shashidhar.G, before I didn’t know what the EMT module is ,when I attended the EMT module I understood what is the specialty of the EMT module. Mr.Shashidhar.G sir has excellent communication skills; he shared about motivation -Power motivation, motivation for affiliation, extension motivation and achievement motivation.
He shared interesting successful people’s stories, motivation videos, songs, games and a mental ability test. This unit was very interesting and will be useful for my motivation as an entrepreneur in the future, success full person stores, motivation video song, games, mental ability test. This information helps to my development.